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We are developing a number of resources to help those who have committed to the SafeSpace Project to reduce seafarer injuries and fatalities in confined spaces. The material may be distributed freely but, except here specifically stated, copyright remains with Maritime Accident Casebook. No direct or indirect charge may be made to the seafarer for these materials nor may they sold or rented.

SafeSpace e-Book: Principle of Confined Space Safety

This free e-book has been in preparation for a year. Many of the cases featured on MAC has contributed lessons. It will be in two parts: Principles of Confined Space Safety and Case Studies. We would like to get opinions and suggestions from suitably qualified folk on how it could be improved before we finally release it publicly.

In a sense this is a living document: New information etc will be included as it becomes available.

If you’d like to help SafeSpace do email us at with the subject line ‘book’.

We’d also like to produce a hard copy version for distribution, for instance, to ships libraries. We’re open to sponsorship or advertising, or maybe you have some suggestions.

SafeSpace CBT

We’re just getting this part of the project moving: a free CBT for download/online Access. The idea is to get this into the hands of seafarers to give them a greater sense of ownership.

Online Case Studies

Most of these case studies have both audio and a transcript. As a suggestion, you could listen and/or read one every week or so and get discussions going among your fellow seafarers on confined spaces to help build awareness.

The Case of the Silent Assassin

Chemical tanker, cargo tank, inerting, PPE,rescue, safe entry procedures

The Case Of The Acidic Assassin

Bulk carrier, cargo hold, cleaning, fall, PPE

The Case Of The Rusty Assassin

Offshore supply vessel, anchor cable locker, oxygen deficiency, rust, air measurement,confined space identification, PPE,rescue

The Case Of The One-Way Assassin

Engine room, scavenge air unit, hyperthermia, safe entry procedures

The Case of the Forgotten Assassin

Engine room,steam drum,cleaning,explosion,confined space identification,safe entry procedures.

The Case Of The Rose Assassin

Cruise liner, ballast tank, risk assessment,change management,oxygen deficiency

The Case Of The Electric Assassin

Livestock carrier, bow thruster room, toxic fumes, air testing, rescue


The Case Of The Lethal Lampshade

Bulk carrier, cargo coating, explosion, ventilation

The Case Of The Tablets Of Love

General cargo ship, hold/accommodation,fumigation,toxic gas, phosphine poisoning

The Case of the Benzene Bomber

Chemical tanker, benzene, cargo tank, explosion, static electricity, tank gauging


Offsite Donated Resources

Think! FIRST
Donated by Chris Young of Headland Media. A two and a half minute briefing on confined spaces. In ISO format for writing to DVD. Note: You may use this for your personal viewing, it may not be redistributed or sold.

Download Here

Notable Incidents to get folk thinking

Do you have a notable incident to add? Add it in the comments section below or email it to

Venting Valve, Poor Training, Leaves three Dead A good case for discussions in training

Rush To Rescue Kills Three Of Four (Courtesy Laurie Barry, Chris Young)

Confined Space – Wrong Rescue (Courtesy Eric-Christophe Berger, Total

Jo Eik – Beware Confined Spaces In Plain Sight

Accident Report – Chief Officer Dies Setting Bad Example

Sava Lake – Systemic Deaths

Bow Wind Mardep Report

Enclosed Space Kills Again

Enclosed Space – Two Lucky People – The MAIB PE For Panguric II

Viking Islay – Time To Train The Bean Counters?

Warning on Enclosed Space Deaths – Again

Deadly Wood

Not-So-Confined Space Incident

More “confined space that wasn’t” incidents

From Tom LittlePage:

Here is a short list of accidents which have happened during the past week or two. They might make decent current examples for those who do confined space training. Though easily predictable and preventable, these incidents are not uncommon.


Warnings And Alerts

Refinery warning on inerted and confined spaces, (Courtesy Chris Young)

Dynamically Dangerous Spaces

MAIB Flyer, Jo Eik

Marine Safety Forum Flash – Enclosed Space Entry

Stop, Step Back To Escape The Rose Assassin

Safety Alert – NZ on Confined Spaces – Avoiding The Avoidable

Stay Alive – Check Your Meter

CO2 – Adventures and Hazards

Confined Spaces: Is 19.5 Percent Oxygen Really Safe? An excellent article by John Rekus which includes the physiological reasons


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