How To Help


It doesn’t matter who you are, you can help the SafeSpace Project simply by making yourself aware of the hazards and sharing knowledge with those you work with. As a  seafarer just that alone will help reduce the chances of your mates or yourself falling victim to the hazards of a confined space.

As a seafarer you can tell us what resources you need to get the message across on your vessel. That would be your commitment to SafeSpace.

Some coastguard and Port State Control Inspectors have committed to showing the DVD and talking about confined space hazards when carrying out inspections. A major tanker company has distributed The Case of the Silent Assassin through its fleet. Various maritime media are giving space to SafeSpace. SafeSpace members are contacting their professional organisations and industry groups to which their companies belong urging them to support SafeSpace.

Bob Couttie, administrator of Maritime Accident Casebook, for instance, has dedicated his next column in ShipGaz magazine to the issue.

Chris Young of Headland Media has donated a short video briefing on confined spaces.

And there will, in due course, be a CBT available for free distribution to seafarers. More is needed. You can tell us what that should be and how it can be used.

You can, and should, be a part of this initiative. You can donate knowledge and expertise by giving us your comments, recommendations and opinions of the e-book and how it can improved. Ship’s officers might set quizzes or competitions about the vessel’s SMS confined space entry provisions?

As a rating you can make a conscious effort to learn how to identify a confined space and what to do in a rescue, make sure your shipmates know them, maybe have an onboard “Non-Trivia quiz”. If you are a Port State Control Inspector of Flag State Surveyor, or a Coast Guard inspector or P&I Club Surveyor you can show “The Case of the Silent Assassin to the ships you visit. Even better, you can leave copies aboard the ship. Give us your ideas and we’ll add them to the SpaceSpace Project. But they must be practical, not theoretical and targetted at the seafarer.

You can donate case studies to the database. You can tell us what resources you need to get the message across. Yes, you can donate money, too. But we will not allow lack of money to be an excuse not to meet the SafeSpace agenda of reducing seafarer victims.

Join the SafeSpace project by sending an email to Let’s make a dent in the deaths.