SOS – Ships Of Shame: What the Zeus?

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Oct 162009

imageThis ship of shame, the Panama-flagged bulker Zeus 1, owned by Falcon Shipping Inc, can hardly be described as a rust bucket, her keel was laid as recently as 2007, but she was, and perhaps still is, a death trap for the seafarers working on her.

She was detained for 15 days by Maritime New Zealand due to a long list of frightening shortfalls that would have doomed those aboard her in an emergency.

What sort of emergency? With significant contamination in the galley exhaust trunking creating a risk of fire, perhaps assisted by a busted fuel oil quick closing valve, let’s look at that first. The official record says ‘Demonstrated fire drills not to the required standard”. Hardly surprising since manufacturer’s stickers were still on the facemasks, suggesting that fire drills were few and far between.

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