Jun 242014

ID-100141843Painted capstan or windlass drum ends can create hazards, says a safety alert from the Marine Safety Forum. According to the auditor writing to MSF, the dangers are under-appreciated and says that such drums should not be prettied up with paintwork but many masters do not seethe danger.

Some time ago the writer was involved in investigating an incident where a seaman had damaged his wrist during a mooring operation. Part of the root cause was identified as resulting from the capstan drum end having been painted. The last eight ships audited by the writer all had painted capstan or windlass drum ends and two masters argued that there is nothing wrong with painting them.

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Hydraulic Windlass Failure – MAIB Wants Class Socs To Pressure Makers

 Accident report, MAIB  Comments Off on Hydraulic Windlass Failure – MAIB Wants Class Socs To Pressure Makers
Dec 092009

imageBritain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch has asked class societies to make continued acceptance of equipment which fails catastrophically dependent on the manufacturer carrying out an investigation into the failure, distributing findings and curing the problem. The recommendation is part of MAIB’s just-released report into the ‘explosion’ of  the starboard windlass hydraulic motor on board the oil tanker Stella Voyager.

MAIB made an urgent safety recommendation to the equipment manufacturer, TTS Kocks GmbH, which made the equipment, aimed at identifying the technical causes of the failure of its machinery and determining technical solutions for preventing similar accidents in the future. TTS Kocks GmbH has partially rejected the recommendation. The Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has written to TTS Kocks GmbH urging them, in the interests of safety, to reconsider the recommendation.

“…the current industry requirements for windlass machinery fail to protect persons
against injury in the event of failure” says MAIB.

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