Ships Of Shame: The “Uninhabitable” Gorgonilla

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Jul 122010

imageWhen a cold, tired, exhausted crew plead for its ship to be inspected then you can be shore it’s an unhappy ship. In the case of the Panama-registered tanker Gorgonilla. commercially operated by Uni-Chartering,  it was more than unhappy, it was uninhabitable says the ParisMOU’s Caught in the Net campaign.

On 27 January 2010 the ship’s main engine failed some three miles off Europa Point, Gibraltar. she spent several hours not under control until the engine were restarted.

A dozen days later, she’s on passage from Gibraltar to Kalunborg by way of the Kiel Canal. The outside temperature was –9 degrees Celsius. Inside the accommodation the temperature falls to 0 degrees Celsius because the ship has no heating. The sanitary water has already frozen in the pipes.

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