Beware Counterfeit Charts – UKHO

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Feb 192013
On the left, a counterfeit product and on the right, an official Admiralty publication.

On the left, a counterfeit product and on the right, an official Admiralty publication.

Counterfeits are everywhere. The UK Hydrographic Office, UKHO, has issued a warning that fake Admiralty charts are in circulation which, because they are not official publications, do not meet carriage requirements of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (see Chapter V, Regulations 2.2 and of the Convention). Likewise their carriage may not satisfy the requirements of (and may be contrary to) the local laws of Flag State Authorities and Port State Controls.

Says UKHO: “Counterfeit products have not undergone the rigorous checking procedures which take place for official products and they cannot be trusted in the same way. Their use may increase the safety risk to vessels, crews and cargoes”. Continue reading »


Shoal Thing -ENC Producers Didn’t Get It

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Feb 262010


Your ECDIS may not display significant shoals and may not set grounding alarms automatically because some ENC producers did not understand the importance to safety of a bulletin issued by the International Hydrographic Organisation.

A lucky visit by a maritime delegation to the UK Hydrographic Organisation has sparked a flurry of urgent messages and updates in the electronic chart community after the delegation noticed that a significant shoal was missing from the ENC chart on the screen and no grounding alarm was set on the ECDIS. The was being reviewed prior to issue and the problem was only noticed because the visitors were familiar with the area displayed.

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UKHO Monthly Newsletter Out

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Feb 242010

The sixth edition of the UK Hydrographic Office monthly e-newsletter is now available.

Says the newsletter: “The start of a busy new year is always a good time to reflect on the last 12 months. For the UKHO and the maritime community as a whole, 2009 signalled the start of a new phase of marine navigation. In June, the IMO’s ECDIS Mandate was approved and is now due to be introduced on a rolling timeframe according to vessel type from 2012, while in December, we launched our vision for the future of navigation with the introduction of Admiralty e-Navigator. These landmarks mean 2010 marks the beginning of an exciting transition towards digital navigation.

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UKHO Launches The Future

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Dec 072009

imageIt’s the “future of navigation” said the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office as it launched Admiralty e-Navigator in Singapore recently. Admiralty e-Navigator is the UKHO’s new integrated digital catalogue, product viewer and passage planning tool which makes every stage of navigation and fleet management smarter, simpler and safer – at least, so says the official press release.

Admiralty e-Navigator organises, updates, and brings together all of the paper and digital information needed to plan safe voyages and simplify essential tasks. Whether on the bridge or in the office, e-Navigator will not only give access to a wealth of information, it will organise, maintain, and display all of that data, so bridge and office-based teams have instant access to all the navigational information they need, whenever they need it and wherever they are in the world.

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No More Excuse For Bad/No Passage Planning

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Jul 112009


Over the years, MAC has observed, with no particular surprise, that ships involved in groundings, collisions and other contact incidents, more often than not lack competent passage plans, if any at all. It’s as common as a dog with a bark, so we’re looking forward to the launch of the Admiralty e-Navigator ‘solution’ by the UKHO this Autumn.

The good news first, it’s going to be free, so there’s no excuse for not having it.


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