Home Made Accident “Waiting To Happen”

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Aug 092010

Tugger wasn't tough enough

Homemade tools don’t belong onboard says Marine Safety Forum in its lastest Safety Flash concerning an incident that could have resulted in serious injury.

A supply vessel was instructed to return to port due to poor weather conditions at the field. The Captain instructed the deck crew to ensure the containers on deck were adequately secured using chain lashings. The chain lashings were put in place and the decision taken by the deck crew to use the tugger winch to tighten the lashings. When the tugger was tensioned up the chain lashing parted and a piece of flying debris struck and broke the bridge centre aft window.

The investigation found that a home chain connection (a piece of chain welded to a stainless steel shackle) had at some stage been introduced into the cargo lashing system. This was probably done so the tugger wire hook could be quickly connected.

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Manriding Incident – Carabiner Failure

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Apr 252010

Potential serious injury was avoided because an offshore worker had hold of a cement hose when his carabiner failed. The carabiner was not properly checked before use and was not included in the maintenance regime, says Australia’s National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority, NOPSA. Dirt in the carabiner seems to have cause the failure.

Says NOPSA: “On a semi-submersible drilling rig, the drill crew had completed rigging up for a cement job. After pressure testing the cement line, a crew member was required to open the low-torque valve. The valve was located at a height of seven metres above the rig floor and could only be accessed by using a tugger and man-riding harness.

With the assistance of a roustabout, the person in the man-riding harness connected to the wire rope from the man-riding tugger using a carabiner. Another crew member then operated the tugger to raise the man-rider up to the height of the low-torque valve.

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Safety Alert – Crane Almost Gave A Whipping

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Nov 122009

imageGet one part of a procedure wrong and you could end up getting a whipping, and a safety alert from Marine Safety Forum shows how, in an incident from the Gulf of Mexico.

The vessel was in DP operation and carrying out crane
work operations. The crane was on stand-by for the next operation.

It has two hooks, one main hook and one whip-line hook.

On the deck the riggers were working. To prevent uncontrolled movement of the crane the whip line hook is connected to an internal constant tension tugger winch with a constant tension of 4 tons.
During the start up procedure for the crane the pump
for the tugger winch was not started. That means that the whip line did not follow and adjust according to the movement of the crane boom.

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