Denmark – Move Work To Avoid Jank Clank

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Jan 292013
Area if the incident

Area of the incident

Even the best personal protective equipment will not remove the risk of injury from heavy flying objects notes Denmark’s Maritime Accident Investigation Board, DMAIB and the best strategy may be to remove the work from the area of hazard.

Says DMAIB: The fishing vessel Jank (SG 75) departed from Klintholm on 21 March 2012 at 0300 in the morning with two fishermen on board in order to trawl for cod in the Baltic.

During the second haul of the day, the trawl got hold of a submerged obstacle at approximately 1030 in the morning. During the attempts to free the trawl, the stern of the vessel was raised by a sea, and the vertical bolt holding the starboard warp block broke due to the strain from the wire. The warp block therefore fell down hard and hit the fisherman’s left safety boot. When the acci-dent happened, the fisherman was standing close to the warp block and just forward of the trawl drum, where he controlled the wire drum with the levers positioned on the trawl winch drum.

The fisherman’s left foot was severely injured, and he was evacuated to hospital by helicopter.

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