Feb 272013
Forward Davit Arm Showing Parted Wire

Forward Davit Arm Showing Parted Wire. Photo: Maritime Safety Investigation Unit

Malta’s Maritime Safety Investigation Unit has issued a safety alert following the discovery of significant corrosion on inner strands of a fall wire involved in the falling of of a lifeboat on 10 February 2013. Five seafarers died in the incident which occurred aboard Thomson Majesty while berthed alongside in Santa Crux de La Palma.

Says the safety alert: ” The wire rope had parted approximately where it rested over the topmost sheave, when the davit was in a stowed position.

“The fore and aft davit’s falls were replaced on 22 August 2010 and the next scheduled replacement was August 2014.
 “The launching appliance had been dynamically tested in May 2012.
“Initial results of the tests carried out on the parted ends of the wire indicate significant corrosion damage to the inner strands of the wire”. Continue reading »
Feb 102013
Five died and three injured in the worst lifeboat tragedy of recent years

Five died and three injured in the worst lifeboat tragedy of recent years

Unacceptable levels of deaths and injuries during lifeboat drills have again been highlighted with the loss of five lives during a drill aboard the Malta-registered Thomson Majesty cruise ship in the Canaries. Three others were injured, two of them severely, when the davit-launched lifeboat fell while being recovered from the water towards the end of the drill.

Leading maritime website gCaptain says that early reports indicate that the lifeboat fell approximately 65 feet to the water, landing upside down, and killing the five and injuring three others aboard. Those killed are believed to be three Indonesians, a Filipino and a Ghanaian, Reuters has reported. None of the 1,498 passengers on board at the time were involved. Continue reading »