Masters of the Alien Invasion – And Another One Bites The Dust

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Aug 032009

He knew it was wrong, he knew it was illegal, he knew he was threatening the only home human beings have yet he wenton and did it. Georgios Stamou, the chief engineer of the M/V Theotokos, pleaded guilty in US District Court in New Orleans to one felony violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships and one felony violation for making a false statement . He is the third crewmember to plead guilty to crimes related to pollution from Theotokos while on the high seas. Continue reading »

Master Of The Alien Invasion

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Jul 162009

Chief Officer Charles P. Posas, has scored a dubious first in legal history. He is the first person to be charged with a violation of the US Anti-Invasive Species Law in addition to two felony counts of lying to the Coast Guard and violating recordkeeping laws. His superior, Captain Panagiotis Lekkas, is charged with violating anti-pollution laws, ship safety laws and obstructing a US Coast Guard investigation. Both have pleaded guilty in a Federal court in New Orleans, sentencing for both officers defendants is set for 14 October, 2009.

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