Tamina: Mooring Injuries Potentially Fatal

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Jan 272011

Tamina's winch

Injuries during mooring operations are often horrific and too commonly fatal. The briefest moment of inattention, uncertainty or confusion can result in tragedy. In the case of an incident aboard m/v Tamina a second officer’s was spared because of the prompt action of crew and the proximity of an ambulance but he lost a leg.

The Swedish Transport Agency report on the 7 July 2010 incident says: “…the bunker vessel Tamina departed from Dalanäs, Gothenburg. The destination was Masthuggskajen about 1.6 nautical miles away where the vessel berthed at the platform below the loading ramps for the high speed craft Stena Carisma.
The crew of the vessel consisted of Master, Chief Officer, second officer and two able seamen. In addition to the regular crew members there were also two cadets on board. Continue reading »