Lack Of Basic Safety Killed Rigger

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Jan 202010

The 4 tonne bell cursor fell when a winch failed

Basic safety principles for working under a suspended load were not used during work on the diving bell recovery system of the diving support vessel Wellservicer. As as result a crewman was fatally injured when a 4 tonne cradle known as a cursor trapped him against a diving bell.

Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch has issued a safety flyer regarding the incident and the safety issues identified in the subsequent investigation.

Says MAIB “The installation team failed to apply the most basic of safety principles while working under the suspended load. Regardless of whether the winch had been commissioned and declared fully functional, the cursor should have been supported by additional means, before anyone went underneath it”.

There was also confusion regarding responsibilities and MAIB emphasises: “Responsibilities should be clearly defined, and understood; it is better to ask too many questions than to carry on with a potentially hazardous task in blind faith that other people are doing what is expected of them.”

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