Egypt unrest update

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Feb 032011

Suez Canal

Members of the Swedish Club have been advised: “The present situation in Egypt is not predictable due to communication disruptions. The Swedish Club monitors the situation and advise members to do the same.

“There is a nationwide curfew from 17:00 to 08:00 local time which can have a negative affect on port and Suez Canal operation.

“Selected port terminals are closed which mainly disrupt container and bulk operations while oil and gas terminals are operating normally. It has been reported that the only open port is Port Said where the military is present, but there are also reports that Damietta are operating but with disruptions. It is difficult to confirm this information.

“The Suez Canal remains open to traffic as the military control the operation of the canal. Pilots are given military protection to be able to carry out their duties and are exempted from the curfew.

“The above information is from several different sources”.

Swedish Club Advisory

Radio Programme of Note: The Yellow Fleet

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Nov 122010

Peter Flack looks at the forgotten Yellow Fleet

In 1967 a convoy of cargo ships from 8 countries, including Britain, were trapped in the Suez Canal during the Six Day War. They were to remain there for 8 years, becoming covered in windblown desert sand, giving them the nickname “The Yellow Fleet”. For the men involved this was an often dangerous but exciting time which many describe as the best of their sea-faring lives. Yet their stories have gone untold, until now.

Peter Flack was on the Agapenor, a ship heading for home with a cargo of plastic toys for Woolworths. It had been an ordinary sailing until the morning of June the 5th 1967. Peter was on deck when suddenly he saw Israeli jets streaking out of the rising sun towards Egypt. John Hughes was an electrician on another ship, The Melampus. He was at the top of a mast, fixing a light, when -glancing down- he saw Egyptian soldiers dug-in along the banks of the canal pointing their guns directly at him. Shortly after his speedy descent from the mast, the Israeli air-raid began. As his colleague, Graham McMorine, remembers the jets used the ships as cover, crossing the canal at mast height to bomb the Egyptian air-base. Continue reading »

Maritime Safety & Security News – 29 August 2009

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Aug 282009

Tuna boats collide in broad daylight
The Daily Astorian
At 3 pm Wednesday the US Coast Guard responded to a collision between two fishing vessels 85 miles west of the Columbia River.

Accident In Bahamas Leaves NCL Passenger Dead
Read more in our Privacy Policy A passenger on board a Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line ship has died following an accident in the Bahamas.

Barge hits bridge in Hammersmith
Hounslow Chronicle
The wheelhouse of the craft was ripped off by the collision and the skipper suffered a gash to the head which needed 12 stitches.

Empty oil tanker sinks near Suez canal
The vessel had a capacity of 59000 tonnes but was only carrying its own fuel supply of around 60 tonnes, they added. Authorities from the canal,

25 saved after vessel catches fire in Murrells Inlet
Twelve additional people were saved by efforts from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. All aboard the ship were transported to Captain

A loaded freighter ship ran aground in the San Joaquin River on Thursday night just east of Solano County, according to the US Coast Guard.

Police blame alleged human error for Bali sea accident
Jakarta Post
involving a ship that capsized off Badung Strait in Bali, was allegedly caused by human error. The Wednesday sea accident left nine passengers dead and

Families of seafarers exposed to high risks of HIV
Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) — Being married to a Filipino seafarer for 12 years, Edna (not her real name) has grown accustomed to numerous difficulties

Shippers lament maritime industry’s low contribution to economy
The level of piracy in our territorial waters is almost rivalling Somalia’s. Somalia is a failed state, while Nigeria is the giant of Africa.

Seadrill looking into cause of Timor Sea oil spill
Oil & Gas Journal
21 oil spill involving the Montara platform off West Australia in the Timor Sea. Seadrill’s West Atlas jack up drilling rig is operating under contract to

US finds water pollution near drill sites 27 August 2009

US government scientists have for the first time found chemical contaminants in drinking water wells near natural gas drilling operations, fueling concern that a gas-extraction technique is endangering the health of people who live close to drilling rigs.

US plans land-based UAV patrols to combat piracy
Stars and Stripes
“I believe the main focus would be maritime security and counterpiracy operations,” said Navy Capt. John Moore, commodore of Combined Task Force 67 in

Singapore – preventing and suppressing acts of piracy

The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) issued a circular forwarding various IMO guidance and advice on preventing and suppressing acts of piracy and sea robberies on ships. Shipping Circular No. 23 of 2009 (8/14/09).

Advance in offshore drilling hails from landlocked Alberta.
The ship will initially be servicing wells producing for onocophillips. "Platforms can sink 65 wells in a grid, then cost a million dollars to move,

Norwegian mayor sends letter by pipe 27 August 2009

A mayor of a town in western Norway has sent a message to another local politician in the UK via the Langeled natural gas pipeline.