Aug 192009

imageMalta’s Maritime Authority is investigating a fire onboard the Malta registered passenger ship Zenith on 18 August 2009 at the port of Firhamnen in Stockholm, while  alongside and when most passengers were on shore excursions. As a precautionary measure the master ordered the evacuation of all remaining passengers and non essential crew members.

Says the MMA: “The Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate has now been informed that the situation is under control. Two crew members have been treated for smoke inhalation at the local hospital.”

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 19 August 2009

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Aug 182009

Vessels ablaze after collision off PD
Marine police and the marine department received an SOS call from the bulk carrier after it caught fire in the collision which occurred at about 9.30pm last

Passengers evacuated after Stockholm ferry fire
The Swedish Wire
“Everyone apart for a few members of the crew has been evacuated… we had a fire on board but after 10 minutes the people on the ship and the fire brigade

Sinking Tug Boat Leaks Oil Near Treasure Island
The boat’s the sister ship is tugboat moored next to it. The Coast Guard says it was carrying up to 700 gallons of diesel and lubricants. Continue reading »