Grounding Hazard: Barranquilla, Colombia

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Nov 302010

Barranquilla, Colombia

A&A Multiprime has recently warned of a possible grounding risk at Barranquilla, Colombia. In the last month three vessels have grounded in the Magdalena River while entering the port of Barranquilla.

This is the result of an excessive amount of sediment being carried into the channel by the river and without sufficient dredging operations to deal with the problem.

Masters should ensure that pilots are using the most recent local bathymetric charts and that echo sounders are used while passing through the channel. Furthermore, it is very important that ship’s officers on the bridge work closely with pilots at all times.

Source: Steamship Mutual

Sep 102010

imageConfined or dangerous spaces may depend literally on which way the wind blows. The Jo Eik incident is one example and Steamship Mutual’s current Risk Alert makes similar points as well as highlighting the hazards that a known dangerous space might present to adjacent spaces.

A key lesson is: know your ventilation system.

Says the risk alert: “A recent incident has highlighted the potential dangers posed by seemingly safe spaces. A bulk carrier on passage with a fumigated cargo of wheat had to medically evacuate two of its crew who became overcome by fumes from the fumigant in number 1 cargo hold whilst they were working in the forecastle store, which was adjacent to the hold.

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Two On Confined Spaces

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Jun 202010

imageWith at least two seafarer deaths a month on average, and probably far more if some of the larger flag states did their reporting  job properly, confined space incidents clearly show the need for on-board safety culture and certainly a more pro-active attitude in the industry towards minimising these all too frequent tragedies.

Australia’s government has strengthened its rules on confined space entry, which is a step forward that deserves notice. Co-inciding with that move is a risk alert from P&I Club Steamship Mutual.

Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime Industry) (National Standards) Amendment Regulations 2010 (No. 1) clarifies its view of a competent person in a way which is significantly different from that of the International Maritime Organisation. The Australian standard defines a competent person as:

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SSM Warns On Cargo Hold Dangers

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Apr 142010

image P&I club Steamship Mutual’s latest Risk Alert says that crew illness and injury claims consistently represent around 30% of all claims incurred by the club in any one year. A substantial number involve avoidable personal injury and high levels of cost.

These have included a bosun severely injured by a heavy tarpaulin dropped into a hold, a seafarer and chief officer trapped by a cargo of pipes during heavy weather, a oss of barge stability that resulted in two seafarers, one of whom died, going overboard along with cargo, and a crushed thumb.

“It should be evident from the narrative of each event that the incidents and the resultant injuries were all avoidable,” says SSM.

Download a copy of Risk Alert here.