Xmas Tree Drops in Early

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Jun 092008

You wouldn’t want an errant 32 tonnes xmas tree, an arrangement of metal piping use in the oil industry, suddenly thumping onto your deck unexpectedly, or indeed, anything thumping on your deck unexpectedly, so don’t forget those toolbox talks, and job safety analysis before lifting operations. In this case, which occured within the last week, a 32 tonne “Xmas Tree” had been safety landed and the detachment the tree lifting sling was being lowered for disconnection from the crane hook.

The sling suddenly disconnected from the crane pennant, fell, bounced onto the protective plate of the tree and subsequently landed on the deck of a supply vessel. That nobody was injured and no serious damage was done is both a blessing and irrelevant, that someone could have been hurt or expensive pieces of kit damaged does.

So, discuss the incident during toolbox talks prior to lifting operations, ensure a full risk assessment including type and condition of lifting equipment prior to any lifting operation and, where appropriate, managers and supervisors to discuss this safety alert within their areas of responsibility.

Source: MSF Safety Flash 08-23