Singapore Hookers Get Warned

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Sep 062009


Watch where you anchor in Singapore and keep away from subsea cables is the message from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore in a recent meeting with P&I Clubs.

Says Gard Norway: “Vessels not anchoring within Singapore port limits are, for commercial reasons, opting to anchor in outer port
limit areas, OPL. The East and West OPL areas used for anchoring are, however, rather narrow spaces situated between the port limits and the traffic separation scheme, TSS, through the Singapore Strait. These areas are becoming very congested, being popular with owners for the purposes of bunkering, taking supplies, change of crew, repairs or just waiting for cargo operations. Due to the congestion, some anchored vessels are straying into the TSS, and are thus violating the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, COLREGs.

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