May 052009

The Case Of The Silent Assassin

In September 2007, after broadcasting several audio podcasts and blog posts on the subject we realised that confined space/enclose space casualties were disturbingly common and seemed to be a major issue that wasn’t going away. We wanted to do something, however modest, to help address the situation. We discussed the issue with IDESS Interactive Technologies, which shared our concerns, and we agreed to collaborate in the production of three animated versions of MAC podcasts of which the first was to The Case Of The Silent Assassin, based on the Sapphire incident investigated by Ron Strathdee of the Isle Of Man registry.

If you would like a copy please contact IDESS Interactive Technologies

Silent Assassin Again – One Fatality, Four Hurt

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Sep 222007

Anyone familiar with The Case Of The Silent Assassin will recognise what happened in this report from Today’s Zaman.  It’s self-evident these seafarers were not adequately trained, did not follow safe entry procedures and it’s doubtful whether they were aware of the ship’s SMS.

“Five crewmembers of a Ukrainian vessel, on its way to Hatay’s Iskenderun district to load its freight from an iron and steel factory, have been poisoned by a reported air contamination and one has died. Continue reading »