MAC Blows The Whistle In Shipgaz

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Sep 052010


If you subscribe to Scandinavian shipping magazine Shipgaz you’ll already know that MAC administrator’s first column is in the new issue. If you’re not a subscriber to Shipgaz, then the news is that Bob Couttie’s first column appears in the new issue.

In his first column Couttie looks at whistleblowers, those seafarers who set up to the plate to expose Marpol violations, and how to discourage false whistleblowers.

Says editor Anna Lundberg: “We proudly present our new columnist Bob Couttie, accomplished reporter for several maritime publications and administrator of the portal Maritime Accident Casebook. In his first column for Shipgaz he puts the whistleblower into perspective. Professor Kjell Larsson presents another way of looking at recent years’ Helcom statistics of sharply reduced illegal discharges in the Baltic. According to him, it’s not that simple.

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