Ship of Shame: Craig Trans

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Jul 102014

craigtransParis MOU’s Caught in the Net is possibly the nearest thing to a maritime Stephen King story, tales of shipowners who should not be entrusted with  a secondhand rubber duck let alone with responsibility for a ship and the lives of its crew. Such a one is Mr. Gerard Antoine of Vesta Shipping Lines which owned the Bolivian-flagged tug Craig Trans which arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 18 December 2012, with engine and generator problems, during a voyage from the Panama Canal to Montreal, Canada.

When Craig Trans arrived, the pilot noticed that the port anchor was missing. As the master wanted to anchor in Halifax harbour, the pilot asked how much chain was on the Starboard anchor. The Master told him that there was 40 metres of chain, which the pilot believed was not enough for the depth in the anchorage, as the weather forecast was for 50 Knots wind that night. The pilot arranged for a berth at Pier 26.

The crew of Craig Trans then went to the Mission to Seafarers and asked for food, as they had not eaten for three days. The Mission gave them food.
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Ship Of Shame Kills Three – An Tai Jiang Fire

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Mar 082010

An Tai Jiang - A killer ship of shame

She would have been on anyone’s ship of shame: Safety alarms that did not work, fire-fighting equipment that did not operate, lifeboat engines that could not start, seafarers not trained to use equipment that would keep them alive and a leadership that lost the plot in an emergency. Her name was An Tai Jiang and, in relatively forceful language Hong Kong’s Marine Department, in its report on a January 2009 engine room fire, says that she was a substandard ship that should not have been entered in its registry.

An Tai Jiang, an ashphalt carrier, was flagged in Hong Kong.

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