EMS Trader: Hazardous Pilot Rig Led To Fatal MOB

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Jan 252011

Did the pilot ladder platform drag a seafarer to death?

Working in the dark with poor lighting and a partially slippery deck near an opening in the railing harbours particular risks, especially when you’re on your own rigging what Germany’s Federal Bueau of Maritime Casualty Investigation, the BSU, refers to as “an indeed permissible but potentially hazardous pilot ladder construction” aboard the containership EMS Trader in its just-published report.

Nobody saw the victim fall, or knows the moment it happened, so the exact sequence of events that led to yet another grieving family cannot be determined with precision. It seems likely that the pilot ladder platform had not been properly hooked into place, that the victim had wrapped the cord used to lowr the platform around his hand and that the platform fell dragging him overboard.

What is quite apparent is that safety culture was inadequate.

Says the BSU summary: “At approximately 06151 on 4 November 2009, the EMS Trader, a container vessel flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda, cast off from the Port of Hamburg and sailed downstream on the Elbe under pilotage. Continue reading »

Be Alert, Assert For Safety Says NEPIA

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Oct 272010

Assert for safety

Being safe is not just a matter of being alert to hazards but of being assertive when other’s actions put the vessel at risk says the North of England P&I club, NEPIA.

Examples cited in the club’s latest Signals newletter “include a shipper’s surveyor trying to show that a visibly wet bulk cargo is safe to load,’ says the club’s loss-prevention executive Andrew Kirkham. ‘Safety could be compromised and result in a casualty, for which the ship’s officers will ultimately be held responsible’.

According to Kirkham, the art of being confident in such situations is not to be aggressive, confrontational or rude but to be assertive. ‘Being assertive means being reasonable and, if appropriate, willing to compromise – but to do so seafarers must know their rights and keep to the facts.’

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Poor Safety Culture Fired Up FPSO – ““Maersk has failed to meet their duty of care” – Maersk Ngujima-Yin Fire

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Nov 282009

imageDenmark’s Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents says that the crew of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel, FPSO,  Maersk Ngujima-Yin handled  emergency response and fire fighting effectively and competently with what they had during a fire onboard but identified a lack of safety culture and criticised management for not providing the means necessary to accommodate and coordinate the interests of the project team and the operations team, acted inadequately on the feedback from the FPSO crew during the project and has not been able to re-establish a healthy safety climate on board and says that the support for maintenance on board provided by management has been inadequate.

Of particular note in this report is that the onboard crew took ownership of safety but lost confidence in onshore managers with regard to safety and maintenance.

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