Sep 022009

Riverdance "I've fallen over"

Britain’s MAIB has issued a safety flyer to the cargo industry to coincide with the release of it’s report into the grounding of the Bahamas registered ro-ro cargo vessel, Riverdance, on a popular beach near Blackpool, Lancashire.

The report also gives some insight into the challenges facing maritime investigators: “In the days following the grounding of Riverdance, poor weather prevented access to the vessel for all except those directly involved in the salvage effort, under the oversight of the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP). Since MAIB inspectors were prevented from boarding the vessel, and salvors’ personnel did not prioritise the recovery of perishable evidence, valuable information was lost regarding the vessel’s physical condition upon grounding, together with much of the ship’s documentation and her operational records.

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