ReCAAP: For Year Piracy High But Less Significant

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Jul 282011

A total of 82 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia during January-June 2011. Of these, 70 were actual incidents and 12 were attempted incidents. Overall, there has been an increase in the number of incidents reported during this period compared to the same period in the past four years (January-June of 2007-2010) says The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia, ReCAAP.

The increase was mostly the Category 3, less significant, incidents which occurred at ports and anchorages. The number of Category 2, moderately significant, incidents and Category 1, very significant, incidents remained fairly consistent during January-June of 2010 and 2011. Continue reading »

Most Easterly Somali Pirate Attack Reported – Possible Mothership

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Oct 292010

image In what is believed to to be the most easterly attack of its kind alleged Somali pirates attempted to seize the Hong Kong-registered  crude oil tanker, Star Light Venture while underway at about 340 nm west of Mangalore, India (13°16′ N, 068° 59’E) on 28 October at or about 0030 hrs.

two small craft with an unknown number of pirates onboard approached the vessel from the starboard quarter. Armed with guns, the pirates fired at the vessel which resulted in about 50 bullet holes found on the accommodation doors and broken foremast light fixtures. The ship took evasive action and increased speed to 16 knots, and finally managed to shake off the pirates.

The crew was not injured.

The Indian Coast Guard which is also the ReCAAP Focal Point (India) has despatched an aircraft to the area to locate the pirates’ crafts.

This is the furthest incident east of Somalia suspected to be carried out by east African pirates.

Says ReCAAP: “Considering the involvement of two small crafts in the reported incident and the distance between the incident and the east African coast, the presence of a mother ship is not ruled out. Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution when navigating within 100 nautical miles of the position given in this report and maintain maximum CPA with any ship acting suspiciously.

ReCAAP ISC advises mariners transiting the area to exercise vigilance at all times and adopt adequate boarding protection measures as described in the BMPs.

Ship masters are also advised to report all actual and attempted incidents in this
vicinity to the MRCC Mumbai immediately at the following contact numbers:

MRCC (Mumbai)
Coast Guard Region (West)
Mumbai – India
Telephone :
Fax :

No Ropes No Moor – Piracy

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Aug 172010

imageRobbers stole four mooring ropes at knifepoint from the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-registered bulk carrier, Hong Kong Star on 15 Aug 10 at or about 0345 hrs (local time), while underway at position 22° 15.15′ N, 091° 41.73′ E, Chittagong port anchorage ‘A’.

The four robbers armed with knives boarded the bulk carrier from a single engine driven wooden boat.  The robbers escaped with four mooring ropes. The crew was not injured.

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Pirates Stalk Offshore Vessel

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Aug 062010

imageOn 5 Aug 10 at or about 0048 hrs (local time), a Singapore-registered vessel, VOS Hyperion was underway at position 3° 09.10′ N, 108° 24.35′ E (approximately 27.8 nm northwest of Pulau Subi Besar, Indonesia) when the master spotted an unlit small
speed boat approaching VOS Hyperion from the forward starboard quarter of the vessel. The vessel carried out evasive manoeuvers and switched on the fore and aft search lights to indicate that the crew was aware of being trailed by the speed boat.

After a while, the speed boat gave up the chase. The crew was not injured.

This is the seventh incident reported in the vicinity of Pulau Subi Besar since June
2010. The first incident reported in 2010 involved product tanker Okrim Leader which occurred on 10 Jun 2010, followed by incidents reported on 15 Jun 10, 16 Jun 10 Jul 10, 13 Jul 10, 14 Jul 10 and 5 Aug 10. The incidents in this vicinity occurred on consecutive days, or on the same day,

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ReCAAP Worries Missing Tug May Have Been Hijacked

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Feb 092010

Tug Asta - missing, believed hijacked in Malaysian waters

ReCAAP, the anti-piracy organisation for Asia has alerted governent agencies in the region that a Singapore tug and its tow may have been hijacked off Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. Contact was lost with the vessel, it has reportedly deviated from its planned course and is believed to be heading north east in the South China Sea.

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