USN Gives More Details of Quest Deaths

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Feb 232011

A pirate fired an RPG at the USS Sterett, a guided missile carrier

US Navy Vice Admiral Mark I. Fox has provided more information on the yacht Quest tragedy.

Four pirates are dead and 15 are in custody, but not before they killed four Americans in the bloodiest piracy incident in recent history, the commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command told reporters in a conference call.

Two pirates were found dead inside the yacht after US special forces boarded the vessel unopposed. It is unknown whether or not the hostages had arms available to them

Navy Vice Admiral Mark I. Fox, who also commands the Navy’s 5th Fleet, said the pirates shot Scott and Jean Adams of California and Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle of Washington state. The surface vessel Quest was sailing around the world when the Somalis hijacked it off the coast of Oman. Continue reading »

Piracy: The Human Cost Increasing

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Feb 222011

Captain Richard Philips of Maersk Alabama survives a hijacking, the crew of SY Quest met a more tragic end.

Somali piracy took a violent turn when pirates killed four Americans aboard their yacht, the SV Quest. Although all the details are yet to be released, this appears to be the first mass execution of hostages. This is a sad and tragic example of the dangers faced by seafarers who are subject to regular and systematic violence committed by pirates. There are more than 700 seafarers currently held by Somali pirates. Hostages face abuse and there are reports of torture at the hands of pirates.
According to Anna Bowden of One Earth Future, a Colorado-based Foundation studying the
effects of piracy, there has been an alarming increase in the suffering of those affected by piracy. Continue reading »