QCV Closure Led To Blackout, Contact

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May 252011

Marine Safety Forum has issued a brief report on an incident in which an offshore supply vessel lost power due to an incorrectly set quick-closing valve which led to contact with and offshore installation. The report does not name the vessel or installation but it is believed to be the Grampian Defender Collision with the  Magnus Platform reported in the Aberdeen-based newspaper Evening Express.

The MSF alerts says: “A Platform Supply Vessel was working weather-side to an installation carrying out deck cargo operations. Continue reading »


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Jan 312011

QCV blocked utilizing a wooden block to hold the valve in the open position.

US Coast Guard Port State Control Officers  are discovering Fuel Oil Quick-Closing Valves, QCVs, intentionally blocked, modified, and poorly maintained preventing them from operating as designed during an emergency.
QCVs are positive shutoff valves on fuel oil systems serving to isolate fuel tanks in the event of a fire and also prevent “fueling” of a fire in circumstances where system piping and components are compromised. In some circumstances they could be the only means of securing the fuel to a flammable liquid fire. These valves are designed to be remotely operated.

Inoperable QCVs create a very serious hazardous condition putting the vessel and its crew at greater risk in the event of a fire. Continue reading »