A Flare For Danger

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Jul 112014

pyroPyrotechnics: Think before you throw is the message from the Marine Safety Forum in its latest safety alert.

Says MSF: “Recently at a depot where ship’s garbage is sorted, a discarded marine flare ignited on the picking line. Fortunately on this occasion there was no injury to personnel involved but some damage has been done to the conveyor belt.

Investigations are currently underway, and with the help of other agencies it is hoped that the owner can be traced.

Mariners, Ship Owners, Agents and Chandlers are reminded that flares and other special wastes should not be disposed of within the ship’s waste receptacles provided by the port.

Disposal of Ship’s flares or any Marine pyrotechnic should only be arranged through an approved provider for such services.
Further information on safe disposal will be available through ships chandlers and suppliers of replacement/new pyrotechnic items.

Download the safety alert