Unsafe Ships More Prone To Piracy

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Jun 252011

Ships that score higher numbers of deficiencies for each port state control inspection are less likely to be able to fight off pirates suggests the latest edition of Intercargo’s Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2010-11. The findings from the fifth annual statistical survey are not surprising: issues such as lack of situational awareness,  inadequate lookouts, lack of use of available information, under-manning  and not following procedures are as much a characteristic of pirate hijackings as they are of maritime accidents.

While ships entered with Intercargo performed better than industry averages, according to a statement by the organisation, there are concerns related to safety. A reverse of industry consolidation means there are now 1536 dry bulk companies compared to 1313 a year previously and The growth of shipping flagged or owned in China means that 50.01 per cent of all dry bulk shipping is now Asian. Greater flag consolidation means that nearly 93% of the fleet is now under just 11 flags.

However, that growth has introduced new players and, says Intercargo: “There is potential for inexperienced companies to adversely impact on safety trends”. Continue reading »

Can Shame Work Where Sense Doesn’t

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Sep 142010

Will Gorgonilla made the grade? Photo: Paris MOU

As the Paris MOU’s Caught In The Net programme shows there are far too many two-bit ship owners happy to let their ships become a hazard to those who sail them and the environment of the waters they sail through. Now new European Union, EU, rules that come into force next year intends to name and shame shipping companies with a poor safety record and boost those with a strong one.

Says the EU announcement: “New rules to enhance and improve the safety performance of ships were adopted today by the European Commission. The rules will introduce, from January 1st 2011, a new online register to “to name and shame” shipping companies which are performing poorly on vital safety inspections, port state control, while those with strong safety records will be given good public visibility.

“Port state controls are crucial for preventing shipping disasters and the tragic loss of life and huge environmental damage that can result. Companies and states which show up as poorly performing will be subject to more intensive, co-ordinated inspections in EU ports. Manufacturers or other industries will be able to choose the shipping companies they use for freight or passengers in full knowledge of their safety record.

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Skimmers and Trainers From EMSA

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Jul 022010

emsa In this EMSA month’s newsletter…

– Transport Commissioner Kallas meet the teams behind EMSA

– EMSA skimmer goes America… to help with Gulf oil spill response

– Safemed II experts meet at EMSA

– New Inspection Regime “training for trainers” kicks off

– 5+5 Defence Initiative at EMSA

Download a copy here

Eire Eyes PSC

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Jun 292010

image Recently criticised by the European Union, Ireland is stiffening its port state control regime. An announcement by its Department of Transport says:

“The port State control regime in Ireland is part of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MOU), and its requirements are transposed into EU legislation through Directive 95/21/EC, which is further transposed into Irish law. There are two obligatory reporting requirements under this port State control regime for ships entering Irish ports as follows:

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