PiraT On The Future Of Piracy

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Jul 262011

Germany-based piracy think tank PiraT, has published its latest newsletter covering a workshop conducted in early July.

Says PiraT:

On the 6th of July the workshop “Piracy and maritime terrorism: concernment of economic agents” took place in the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). The results of the survey, which was conducted by the joint partners of the PiraT-Project, were presented and discussed with all participants. In the survey ship-owners and insurance companies were questioned. From the point of view of the respondents, the risk of piracy is presently regarded as very high and is expected to further increase. Continue reading »

PiraT Newsletter Out

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Apr 082011

German anti-piracy project PiraT has released the latest edition if its newsletter. This edition covers key issues including armed security guards and calls for participation in a maritime security survey.

The goal of the project PiraT is to develop “a comprehensive concept for maritime security in which political risk analyses and technological security solutions are linked with legal and economic approaches. The overall goal is to develop inter-agency governmental options for action that will enable the implementation of non-military measures to strengthen maritime trade security”.

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Piracy: Seminar for Trauma, Another Win for BMP, Research Newsletter

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Dec 042010

A quick round up of noteworthy development on the piracy front, from counselling for seafarers victims of piracy to another win for Best Management Practices and the first newsletter of a research project with promising aims.

Counselling Seminars

Filipino seafarers are being offered free piracy awareness seminars by the International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare this week in Manila. Tuesday and Wednesday feature seminars with a practical workshop on Thursday for which a ‘modest fee’ will be charge for certification. Sponsored by the International Transport Workers’ Federation Seafarers Trust training in trauma counselling is included. FAME, the Filipino Association of Mariners Employment is co-ordinating the event. Continue reading »