Pirate Stats Variable

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Jul 192010

image The latest report issued by the Piracy Reporting Centre, PRC, of the International Maritime Bureau,IMB, records 196 incidents worldwide in the first six months of 2010. A total of 31 vessels were hijacked, 48 fired upon, 70 boarded and 47 vessels reported attempted attacks. Guns were used in 100 incidents and knives in 35 incidents. During this period one crew was killed, 597 crew were taken hostage and 16 injured. A total of 240 incidents were reported in the corresponding period in 2009 to the 24 hour manned PRC.

The decline in the number of attacks in 2010 is due to the reduction in incidents in the Gulf of Aden with 33 incidents in 2010 compared to 86 in 2009. Attacks in the Somali basin and the wider Indian Ocean have however increased from 44 in 2009 to 51 in 2010.

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