Premium – Case Of The Church Bell Now Available

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Aug 262009
The bell of British Trent

Although the recent collision between Formosaproduct Brick and Ostende Max, with subsequent fire and fatalities, and the 1993 collision between the tanker British Trent and Western Winner, also with a subsequent fire and fatalities, were different incidents it is almost certain that there will be similarities and some of the same lessons to be learned. MAC has re-released The Case of the Church Bell in the premium library.

Aug 232009

At 9 pm the oil tanker Formosaproduct Brick, carrying naptha, and the bulk carrier Ostende Max collided about 20 nautical miles off the Malaysian resort city of Port Dickson on passage to Singapore. Nine seafarers died in the subsequent fire aboard Formosaproduct Brick.

What happens next?

Several investigations will currently be underway into the collision and fire that lead to the Formosaproduct Brick tragedy. Most important of these will be the flag-state and coastal state investigations which look for ways to prevent this sort of incident from occurring rather than finding out who to blame or who should pay for the damage. Continue reading »