Stena Europe/Oscar Wilde: Exceeding Limits Can Be A Touching Experience

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Oct 142014

wildeMost of us like to push the limits often because our experience tells us we can do so safely. Just because we can does not mean we should, a lesson from Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board in its report into the collision between two ro-ro ferries: Stena Europe and Oscar Wilde in the port of Rosslare.

At 17.45 on 26 October 2012  as Stena Europe approached Rosslare the vessel’s master took over as OOW and the Mate/Master briefed the bridge team on the intended approach to the berth. The OOW called Rosslare Harbour Port Control and confirmed a wind direction of 028° (T) and a wind speed between 29 and 35 knots. The fact that the vessel had the use of only 3 out of four engines was not reported to port control.

Another source for information on wind speed and direction Information of wind speed and direction was also available from an instrument installed by Stena Line on the breakwater; this transmitted the information by
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Wrong Rubber Fired Up Oscar Wilde

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Mar 102011

Firefighters on dockside - burst disk was hot stuff aboard Oscar Wilde

A rubber diaphragm made of the wrong material, rust and scale-disabled high-expansion foam total flooding system, lack of maintenance local application and bilge foam systems and lack of thermal insulation resulted in spread of fire aboard the Bahamas-flagged ro-ro ferry Oscar Wilde says the MAIB report on the 2 February 2010 incident.

Says the MAIB: “At approximately 1913 on 2 February 2010, a fire broke out in the auxiliary engine room on board the Bahamas registered roll-on roll-off passenger ferry Oscar Wilde. The ferry had just sailed from Falmouth, UK, after completing her annual docking. The seat of the fire was in way of the auxiliary engines’ fuel supply module and quickly spread across the compartment. The fire was eventually extinguished by the ship’s crew at 2100. There were no passengers on board and none of the ship’s crew were injured. However, the fire caused the vessel to lose electrical power, which ultimately required her to be towed back into Falmouth for repairs.
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Safety Alert- Why Oscar Wilde’s Dirty Blow Was Hot Stuff

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Mar 252010

Compliance didn't make for safety on Oscar Wilde

Check your nozzles now: Blow-through tests of the high expansion foam system aboard the ro-ro cruise ferry Oscar Wilde may have resulted in blockage by rust and scale of the foam generator nozzles and failure of the system during a fire onboard. Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation branch has appealed to shipowners, operators or manufacturers of such system to tell them in confidence of they find nozzle blockage or corrosion in their fire fighting systems.

Says MAIB: “The system was type-approved and had been maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and current IMO guidance… Compliance with IMO guidance on the installation and testing of this system did not prevent its failure.” Continue reading »