Piracy: Is Closing Africa The Answer?

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Sep 262010

This pirate whaler was just tapa for the Spanish naval vessel Galicia

“Rarely, if ever, in the annals of piracy have so few cost global logistics so much as the 1,000 or so Kalashnikov-toting Somali pirates. And rarely has the international response been so supine and dismissive that, in earlier times, would have appalled and shamed less spineless generations in dealing with an age-old crime” says MAC’s UK Correspondent, William Redmond.

At the IMO London offices’ handover of a piracy petition on World Maritime Day, September 23, David Cockroft, general secretary of the International Transport Workers Federation, ITF, chastised the majority of those who make most from shipping for “doing little or nothing.” But are the ship owners themselves contributing to the crisis, helped by the insurers, because they have adopted the ‘calculated risk’ approach which is much cheaper than a final solution to the problem?

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