NWEA Guidelines Updated

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Jun 272009

Guidelines for the Safe Management of Offshore Supply and Rig Move Operations (NW European Area), have been updated.

The North West European Area (NWEA) Guidelines for the Safe Management of Offshore Supply and Anchor Handling Operations were developed in 2006 as a joint project between maritime and offshore organisations in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. Best practise and experience exchange are basis for these guidelines and the aim has been to develop a guideline worth using worldwide.

The group rejoined to revise the guidelines during 2008-2009 and cooperated well. Serious anchor handling accidents influenced the updates of version 2.  Especially chapter 6, 7, 8 and 9 are revised thoroughly and the conclusions of the accident investigation board reports are duly incorporated in the text.
The guidelines are renamed to better explain the content of the guidelines.

Click here to download the English version of the guidelines

Comments and suggestions
All comments and suggestions on improvements to the NWEA Guidelines are welcome. Comments should be sent to postmaster@nwea.info, where they will be collated and incorporated into future versions of the guidance.

Norwegian additional info;
The Norwegian Oil Industry Association, OLF, and Norwegian Shipowner’ Association, NSA, withdraw by this their Guidelines no 061 and 61 A.

Guidelines 061 and 61A were developed earlier through the Norwegian three partite cooperation.

Norwegian input to NWEA group was based on these OLF/NSA guidelines and consequently the NWEA guidelines are considered to be three partite cooperation in the Norwegian context.