PSA Releases DWH Recs For NCS

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Jun 092011

PSA looks at lessons from the Deepwater Horizon tragedy

Preliminary conclusions by Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and action recommended after the Deepwater Horizon accident were presented to the Safety Forum’s annual conference on 9 June.

These assessments and recommendations build on the investigation reports published so far, as well as on a number of assessments by various professional bodies and various national and international processes.

The PSA will continue to keep a close eye on the many processes and activities launched after the accident in April 2010, and which are still under way.

This means that final conclusions and recommendations for action (amendments to the Norwegian regulations and so forth) have yet to be produced by the PSA.

An English summary of the PSA’s report, with its assessments and recommendations, is available for download (see the right-hand margin). The full report will be published next week in Norwegian only.

On the PSA’s follow-up
A project team was established by the PSA on 7 May 2010 following the disaster with the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

The overall goal of this work has been systematise and assess experience from and investigation of the major accident so that they can contribute to learning and improvement on the NCS.

Summary: The Deepwater Horizon accident – assessments and recommendations for the Norwegian petroleum industy

The Deepwater Horizon – the PSA’s follow-up