Is Silence The Greatest Pilot Error?

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Apr 142010

Hugues Cauvier

Reporting near-misses and unsafe conditions has proven to help reduce serious accidents. In the case of pilots, legal issues get in the way of reporting close calls says St-Lawrence River Pilot Hugues Cauvier, of pivot point fame, calls for greater transparency.

Says Hugues: “I would like to share some thoughts with you gentlemen whom I feel may be concerned by the title subject. It might be naive to hope that the regulations can be changed but stirring the idea may be better than doing nothing at all.

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Near Miss Master – “major failing of good seamanship”

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Mar 252010

image Southampton Magistrates Court has fined Captain Arvind Nath, the master of the gas carrier Sigas Sylvia £1,500, plus £1,000 costs for failing to discharge his duties properly to such an extent as to be likely to endanger ships, structures or individuals.

On the afternoon on Wednesday 6 January 2010, Sigas Sylvia, bound from Liverpool to Tees Port was transiting the Strait of Dover when it was involved with another tanker, MV Clipper Leander. This was seen on radar by HM Coastguard at Dover. Shortly after the incident, the Sigas Sylvia was warned by Dover Coastguard that they were about to aground on the Goodwin Sands.

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