Dec 072011

Check for the model number on the back of the PFD above the UL logo

Some models of personal flotation devices produced by Mustang Survival have been found to have an inflator installation inconsistency that may prevent some units from fully inflating with CO2 and are being recalled. The affected models are MD2010 and MD2012 model 22LB sold in the US in 2011. Alerts have been issued by the US Coast Guard and by Mustang Survival which had issued a voluntary recall notice.

Mustang products with white labels are not affected by the recall. Similarly, MD2010 or MD2012 PFDs with an “MIT” stamp are useable and do not need to be returned.

AnyMD2010/MD2012 missing the “MIT” stamp should be returned to Mustang

Mustang Survival has developed a solution that corrects any affected product and prevents re-occurrence of this issue. The inspection and repair can only be performed at a Mustang Survival factory.

See Mustang Alert here.