Watch That Step

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Nov 272011

Most of us have done it sometime: turned to face the steps we’re about to climb down and slipped on our toes. In the following account from Marine Safety Forum the injuries were quite serious.

“We recently had an incident where an experienced sailor fell down some stairs and seriously injured his back.

“The injured person, IP, was on his way to go and assist in launching the Daughter Craft. He came out of his cabin and went to descend a set of internal steps.

“At the top of the steps he turned so that he could descend the step facing them. As he did this, his foot slipped out from under him resulting in him falling down the stairs feet first. His feet hit a fire door at the bottom of the steps that was closed. This compressed his spine resulting in him receiving a serious compression injury.

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Take These Chains – And Throw ‘Em

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Jul 212011

Poorly fixed chains are a danger

Marine Safety Forum has highlighted the dangers of poorly repaired safty chains in a new alert.

Following a recent Near Miss reported on a company operated vessel, where it was observed that a safety chain had broken and a poor repair was carried out by using a cable tie, can we ask all vessels to check open areas and inspect all Safety chains. These chains are there for a reason and if faulty they should not be inadequately repaired, if these chains require replacing all vessels are requested to do so and order new safety chains.

Download the safety flash here

MSF Issues New Guard Guidelines

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Jan 042011

Marine Safety Forum has issued updated guidelines in conjunction with of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) and the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation (NFFO), to provide clear guidance on the standards required for fishing vessels prior to being used for guard vessel duties within the UKCS.

Revised documents for guard vessel specification and inspection have also been published.

Download Guard Vessel Best Practices Here

Download revised inspection and specification documents here

Winter Draws On – Watch Deck Cargo Ops

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Nov 122010

Winter weather could increase hazard during deck operations warns the Marine Safety Forum in its latest Safety Flash.

Says MSF: “Following two recent incidents during routine deck operations, one of which has been risked ranked as significant, this notice has been issued as a reminder to all involved in these operations.
Specifically with the onset of worse weather during the winter everyone should take time to  evaluate all the risks involved in these operations.

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Safety Alert – Mixing Up An LEL

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Oct 242010

imageIt’s not only bosuns who can get explosive when agitated, so can certain types of waste warns the Marine Safety Forum. Although the safety alert concerns a close-call rather than an accident it’s advice is worth taking.

Says MSF: “There was a request from the platform to backload four packets of wet bulk waste, also known as “slops”, into the OSV’s mud tanks. All associated testing of the waste and paperwork were provided and agreement was reached by the vessel and installation to proceed with the backload.

The composition of the waste was 88% seawater, 7% base oil and remainder small percentages other solid additives.

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Home Made Accident “Waiting To Happen”

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Aug 092010

Tugger wasn't tough enough

Homemade tools don’t belong onboard says Marine Safety Forum in its lastest Safety Flash concerning an incident that could have resulted in serious injury.

A supply vessel was instructed to return to port due to poor weather conditions at the field. The Captain instructed the deck crew to ensure the containers on deck were adequately secured using chain lashings. The chain lashings were put in place and the decision taken by the deck crew to use the tugger winch to tighten the lashings. When the tugger was tensioned up the chain lashing parted and a piece of flying debris struck and broke the bridge centre aft window.

The investigation found that a home chain connection (a piece of chain welded to a stainless steel shackle) had at some stage been introduced into the cargo lashing system. This was probably done so the tugger wire hook could be quickly connected.

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Is Your Slip Safe?

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Aug 042010

imageCheck the senhouse slips on your liferafts once a month says Marine Safety Forum following an incident in which a liferaft accidentally launched from a North Sea PSV while the vessel was under way.

The life-raft was subsequently inflated by the painter as it streamed down the side of the vessel and had to be recovered.

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Marine Safety Forum – Almost Another Bourbon Dolphin

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Jun 032010

Damage from the Far-Grimshader incident

Marine Safety Forum’s All Members Meeting held on the 27 May 2010 cover a wide swathe of safety issues, including an examination of the Far-Grimshader contact incident which ‘could have been another Bourbon Dolphin tragedy’, to hose handling, concerns over GPS hacking and behavioural safety.

A good selection for your electronic bookshelf. MAC would like to hear what you think of them.

Download from the following links:

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Stop The Drop

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Feb 192010


Gravity can ruin your whole day. It can even make it your last day, which is a matter of concern to the Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme, DROPS, which MAC has mentioned before. Although Full Stop, its monthly newsletter, is targetted mainly at the offshore industry there’s a lot in it for the rest of us, too.

Here’s a list of just some of the hair-raising,or flattening, close-calls recently reported in the UK region:
Two 0.5kg pieces of roller bearing fell 18 metres to the rig floor from the pipe racker upper dolly.

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