Watch That FRC Winch

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Aug 252008

From Marine Safety Forum

As part of an abandon ship exercise there was an emergency launch of the FRC. When recovering the FRC the davit winch did not seem to have full power. Just as the FRC was a deck level it started to fall. The davit driver was unable to hold the FRC, and it suddenly fell approximately 3 metres and landed in the water. The FRC crew member injured his leg.

Following x-ray it is confirmed that both bones in leg are broken and will require surgery.

Injured Person likely to be off work for 6/8 weeks.

Immediate Cause

Mechanical failure in the winch motor caused the FRC to fall. In this situation there is no brake that may stop the winch wire from running out.

Mechanical Failure

The motor is being investigated by the supplier to look for causes of failure. The maintenance of the motor was up to date and the maintenance and certification of the FRC/Davit system is up to date.


It was agreed between the investigation parties that his incident occurred due to a technical failure in the winch motor. The winch motor has been removed and sent to the davit supplier for further investigation.

Vessel Actions

The Master has decided that no Crew members will be on board the FRC when conducting emergency launching exercises

Improvement to the davit system is required to avoid misunderstandings during operations

Training in the use of the davit – at present only one Officer is trained for the davit operation – more persons to undergo training.