First ISC Opens in Mombasa

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Apr 042011

First of three piracy information centres planned under the Djibouti Code of Conduct concerning the Repression of Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden has been opened in Mombasa, Kenya.

The other two centres, envisaged to operate under the same Code, are those established in Dar es Salam, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Sana’a, Yemen. The centres have been established to facilitate practical measures for the suppression of piracy and armed robbery against ships, by ensuring the coordinated, timely, and effective flow of information. It is intended that the ISCs should be capable of receiving and responding to alerts and requests for information or assistance at all times.

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KMA Puts The Bomb In Momb?

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Dec 292010

Mombasa's Security Zone, with explosives dump site

With pirates prowling and preying along the Africa coast Kenya’s Maritime Authority has set up a maritime security zone for vessels waiting to enter the port of Mombasa.

You can read the notice to mariners here, courtesy of the Swedish Club.

You might be a little careful where you drop your hook, though. There is a now-disused explosives dump right in the middle of the zone and another immediately outside the zone to the north as you can see in this hand-annotated chartlet by the KPA.

Elsewhere, dumped munitions are considered a problem even though some of them were discarded as a long ago as post-world war 1 around the European coast. As recently as 2005, three fishermen were killed in the southern North Sea when a Second World War bomb exploded on their fishing vessel after having been caught in their nets.

For those who like to worry, check out the OSPAR assessment on dumped munitions here.