Ireland Calls For Sea Change on Safety

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Jun 302014
Na Buachaillí after raising

132 ftalities since 2002m 43 of them were seafarers. Na Buachaillí after raising

Eire’s Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Leo Varadkar has called for a sea change in attitudes to maritime safety, as he launched a new consultation process on maritime safety: Sea Change – Building a new Maritime Safety Culture. Some 134  maritime fatalities have occurred since 2002, almost half  as a result of leisure activities on recreational craft. He was speaking at the launch of the consultation process in the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport which included stakeholders from shipping, fishing, leisure, passenger operators, maritime safety and many other sectors.

Varadkar says: “We all need to take a fresh look at how we use the waters in and around our island, and build a culture of maritime safety in our communities. This requires a radical change of culture in our attitude to safety.”

“The sea and any open water can be hostile and dangerous environments and demand total respect. By consulting with stakeholders and the general public, we want to reach a situation where there are no fatalities.” Continue reading »