Svitzer Fined For Master Who Wasn’t The Ticket

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Sep 142010

image At Ipswich Magistrates Court today, Svitzer UK Ltd pleaded guilty for employing a Master without a valid certificate of competence.

The skipper forgot to re-new his certificate as a Master which he is required to do every five years and continued to sail as Master without a certificate from 2005 to 2009.

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May 112010

imageMaritime and Coastguard Surveyors have detained the passenger vessel Prince Albert II in Portsmouth this afternoon. The vessel is a Bahamas registered passenger ship, operated by V.Ships Leisure (Monaco) in Portsmouth.

The vessels provides luxury cruises in some of the world’s harshest and demanding environents in the world.

Richard Pellew, Area Operations Manager, Survey and Inspections, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, said: “The safety aspect of the ship and those who are on board is always our primary concern. The inspection of the Prince Albert II has raised two areas of concern overloading and the recording of hours of rest for senior officers. The MCA has a zero tolerance on crew fatigue, it is of grave concern that senior officers on board are seemingly not getting sufficient rest.

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Eight Detained By MCA

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Jan 262010

image Britain’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency, MCA, has announced that eight foreign flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during December 2009 after failing Port State Control, PSC, inspection. Of 132 PSC inspections only 45 ships had no deficiencies, the rest having a wide range, many of which presented fundamental hazards to seafarers. It is, as usual, a sorry set of examples of the lack of concern aboard and at management level for the safety of seafarers.

Out of the detained vessels, 5 were registered with flag states listed on the Paris MOU white list, 1 was registered with a flag state on the grey list and 2 were registered with flag states on the black list

Here’s the sorry list:

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Jan 092010

Source: Paris MoU

Nearly a third of ships detained by Paris and Tokyo MoU members from September to November in last year’s concentrated inspection campaign, CIC, on lifeboat launching arrangements had deficiencies dangerous to seafarers aboard them. In a preliminary report, the Paris MOU says that one out of eight lifeboat drills were not carried out satisfactorily.

The findings highlight the poor performance and lack of commonsense and a refusal to substantively address safety issues by lifeboat makers, on-load hook release manufacturers and the industry generally. The Paris MoU has expressed concern about poor boat drills which it says: “is often caused by lack of training… Of the procedures or instructions and identification of hazards associated with launching and recovery of lifeboats one out of 6 was found unsatisfactory. These are related to the safety

management system on board the ship.”

Apart from a lack of concern for seafarers lives on the part of the owners and managers

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Ships Of Shame X 10

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Dec 272009

imageNine new detentions in November, and one carried over from October, show just how little certain shipowners, some flag states, and others who should know better, care about the lives of the seafarers on their vessels and even the vessels themselves. These detentions were not matters of minor paperwork not being in order, they were matters that should not have happened and which, if not rectified, put every seafarer on them at risk.

Firefighting equipment unusable and seafarers not adequately trained, equipment for confined space entry unusable and seafarers not adequately trained, the sorry, shameful list goes on.

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Aug 022009

MAC was poring over the latest IMO AIS discrepancy reports – 85 vessels with a variety of AIS anomalies that shouldn’t be there, thinking to himself “I wish I had a picture of that” when a friend hove into view with this AIS shot:


Here’s a wider view of the AIS display:

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Napoli Fights On

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Sep 182008

She’s bowed, she’s bent, she’s broken but MSC Napoli, subject of The Case Of The Bendy Boxer, seems unwilling to vanish off the face of the planet, or, at least, Branscombe Beach. Once again, weather is coming to the aid of her remains and salvors are suspending operations until spring 2009, two years after her hull cracked in a storm causing her to be beached in January 2007.

To date, 2,800 tonnes of the aft section have been successfully removed, but the remaining section is heavily constructed and proving difficult to dismantle. The engine itself weighs about 1,400 tonnes and partially remains in place. The vessels location and exposure to the elements has about helped salvage activities. There is also an estimated 3,000 tonnes of silt and clay trapped inside the ship and adding substantial weight to the overall structure.

Hugh Shaw, UK Secretary of States Representative, has decided to suspend salvage operations for the remaining stern section of the vessel due to the onset of autumn storms. Says Shaw: “The decision to suspend salvage operations for the `MSC Napoli was necessary to lessen the risks that the onset of harsher autumnal weather would have presented to the safety of the salvors involved, and the local environment. The conditions under which salvors are operating are now becoming increasingly treacherous. During the initial incident no lives were no lost, and my aim is to lessen the risks to anyone involved in the operation during this final phase.”

The suspension will also give the opportunity to look at mobilising specialised equipment to remove the rest of the vessel, in particular its engine. Such equipment is not likely to be available until spring next year.

A Temporary Exclusion Zone (TEZ) of 500 metres remains in place. In addition and prior to the suspension of salvage operations, navigational marks will be deployed around the wreck. Additional counter pollution response measures including personnel and equipment remains in place. Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveillance flights will continue to patrol the area on a regular basis.


The Case Of The Bendy Boxer

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Aug 192008

MAIB’s report on the Figaro incident in December 2007 in which an accidental activation of the ship’s CO2 smothering system led to the vessel losing propulsion and electrical power in rough weather, sending it drifting toward Wolf Rock off the southern English coast, reads almost like an adventure story full of derring-do and not a little personal courage and is well worth the read.

All the same, it shouldn’t have happened. Says MAIB: “The investigation identified that the maintenance instructions for the CO2 system were contradictory and vulnerable to misinterpretation. The crew of Figaro were unfamiliar with the equipment and were unable to recognise the problem that occurred during the routine test, or realise the risk posed by leaving the system in an unstable condition. The incident also highlighted some areas where ETV procedures could be improved to help maintain the successful reputation that this service has gained.” Continue reading »

Maritime Safety News Today – 26th May 2008

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May 262008

Gas leak kills 3 overseas sailors in Chongming
Shanghai Daily – Shanghai,China
The accident took place about 4:30pm when the carbon dioxide system was being repaired on the Panama-registered ship Hakone, according to the report.

Man dies at sea while fixing ship’s gas leak
Anchorage Daily News (subscription) – Anchorage,AK,USA
FALSE PASS — A man died while repairing an apparent gas leak aboard a fishing vessel at sea, according to the US Coast Guard. The 39-year-old man,

3 missing in ship accident in south China
3 missing in ship accident in south China (Xinhua) Updated: 2004-07-25 11:25. Three crewmen were missing aftera bulk freighter capsized Saturday morning at .

Pumpboat sinks off Naga: 2 dead
Sun.Star – Philippines
A PUMPBOAT that was ferrying nine passengers to a foreign vessel off the coast of Inoburan in the City of Naga sank, leaving two men dead.

Pirate attacks on the rise
United Press International – USA
1 for piracy, with India and the Gulf of Aden coming second, the bureau said. This year, 49 pirate attacks occurred in the first quarter, eight more than at

The end of the Assalama – Canary ferry’s dramatic sinking raises
Fortnightly Tenerife News – Tenerife,Spain
And it was at Tarfaya that the vessel, a 42-year-old ship which previously went under the name of Ciudad de La Laguna and the Trasmediterránea livery,

Ferry returns to reduced schedule after breakdown – Tacoma,WA,USA
being leased to the State of Washington to serve the Port Townsend-Keystone run following the grounding of four aging, leaking Steel-Electric class vessels.

Sub needed £5m of repairs after prang
NW Evening Mail – Barrow-in-Furness,England,UK
The official board of inquiry report into the grounding said ninety seconds before the boat hit the seabed somebody was recorded as saying: “We’re going to

EU toxic waste threat to Asian ship dismantlers
Waste Management World – Upshire,England,UK
The Alang plant has a fatal accident rate which is six times higher than that of India’s mining industry, and the accident rate has been well-documented.

Cruise Ships May Pass By Australia’s Outdated Ports -Report
SYDNEY -(Dow Jones)- Cruise ships may start sailing past Australia and set up base in other countries in Asia due to a lack of port infrastructure in Australia’s major cities, according to a report issued Monday. Economic consultants Access Economics,

Ship on the Clyde in strike action
Shipping Times – UK
Mr Molloy and Neil Keith, ITF inspector for Scotland and NE England, are onboard the ship assisting the 10 seafarers and pressing the Russian managers,