Reefers and Spuds Fire Up MAIB Safety Alert

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Jul 062010

Connectors overheated and melted

In advance of completion of the investigation into a fire on the vehicle deck of the ro-ro ferry Commodore Clipper on 16 June, 2010, the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Board says that operators of vessels carrying refrigerated trailer units should take immediate action to ensure that all power supply cables and fittings provided for refrigerated trailer units are in good condition and that electrical protection devices will activate at an appropriate level.

“Until such time as the exact causes of this fire have been established, make additional checks of refrigerated trailers powered by ships’ electrical systems to provide early warning of any overheating”, says the MAIB safety flier.

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MAIB Slams Lloyd’s List

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Jun 292010

image Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch has suspended publication of its regular Safety Digests following what it describes as a “sensationalist account” in Lloyd’s List based on a recent “carefully worded article” which the branch says “it has significantly harmed the MAIB’s ability to improve safety at sea”.

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Fishing Fatalities: Time To Stop Shrugging Shoulders

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May 262010

image The MOB recovery system on Korenbloem was a Markus Net. The crew was unfamiliar with it and did not know how to use it.

Frustration at the inaction and lack of political will to address unacceptably high levels of accident, injuries and fatalities in Britain’s fishing industry  is evident in a recently released report from Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch on the deaths of three seafarers in three incidents in November 2009.

The report covers Man Overboard accidents that occurred at weekly intervals that November which resulted in fatalities: On 6 November 2009, James Grindy, a deckhand on board the scallop dredger Korenbloem; 11 November 2009, the UK registered stern trawler Osprey III lost William Antonio, a Filipino deckhand; Raymond Davidson, a crewman on the creel fishing vessel Optik, was dragged overboard while shooting creels.

None of the seafarers wore lifejackets. In two cases the crew onboard the vessels did not have the skills or training to recover the MOBs quickly and effectively. Seafarers had not been adequately safety trained and job had not been evaluated to make them as safe a reasonably possible.

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Safemarine Nuba Scalding: No Risk Assessment

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Apr 222010


A fitter was scalded by hot water from a cooling pipe aboard the containership Safmarine Nuba. No risk assessment had been done so the hazard was not identified. The UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Board has issued a preliminary report on the incident.

Says the MAIB synopsis: “The second engineer, third engineer and the fitter were engaged in fitting protection shields, supplied by the manufacturer on cylinders No 1 & 7 of the main engine, while the vessel was alongside in Rotterdam. No risk assessment was carried out and the protection shield around cylinder No 1 was completed with ease within an hour.

After lunch, the fitting of the protection shield on cylinder No 7 became more complex, necessitating the removal of platform plates, a non-pressurised pipe and the grinding of a protective bracket. No attempt was made to re-evaluate the risks. Shortly after the pipe was removed, the second engineer responded to an alarm on the boiler.

The third engineer, thinking that a bracket which had supported the drain pipe had to be removed, slackened and removed the bolts which were also holding the jacket cooling water pipe connection. As the third engineer and fitter attempted to manoeuvre the shield around the cylinder, it dislodged the cooling water pipe, which resulted in the fitter becoming drenched with hot water, 85º C, at 3.4 bar.

Safmarine (Pty) Ltd has taken positive actions, including circulating the lessons arising from this accident and ensuring that appropriate documented procedures are always followed.

Read the MAIB Preliminary Report

Lessons From Aquila Triple Fatalities – Check Your Mods Professionally

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Apr 162010

Scalloper Aquila - Ballast had been modified

Planning to add ballast or make other modifications to your vessel? Get a competent person to check the effects on stability, says a safety flyer for the fishing industry from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB. Also make sure that the risks of fishing gear becoming snagged, particularly when trawling downwind, are fully assessed to ensure appropriate control measures are in place to prevent water ingress or capsize.

The safety flyer comes in the wake of MAIB’s report on the capsize of the scallop dredger Aquila after she became snagged on the seabed while trawling, downwind, in moderate to heavy seas near the isle of Eigg.

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Jobs – Deputy Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents, MAIB

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Apr 152010


Deputy Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents

Southampton, with some UK and overseas travel

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch’s purpose is to improve safety at sea. It has established itself as the world leader in its field and deploys investigation teams nationally and internationally from its headquarters in central Southampton.

Following the promotion of the current Deputy Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents to succeed the Chief Inspector when he retires at the end of August 2010, we are now seeking to recruit his replacement. You will be responsible for managing the main operational functions of the Branch at all stages of its investigations, as well as dealing with a wide range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally.

You will report to and work closely with the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents in dealing with strategic challenges and in shaping the direction of accident investigation policy. You will have excellent leadership skills, a professional background at a senior level within the marine industry, as well as a professional qualification in a recognised marine discipline. You will also have exemplary report writing skills.

For further information and how to apply, please contact: Please do not send CVs without contacting us first.

The closing date is 23 April 2010.

Ijsselstroom Capsize – Skipper ‘Not Assessed’

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Apr 082010

Ijsselstroom - Skipper's competency was not assessed

Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Board, has released its report into the capsize of the tug Ijsselstroom in the port of Peterhead 14 June 2009 and concluded that the skipper whose knowledge and experience had not been assessed, used an inherently unstable operation without a bridle arrangement that might have prevented the vessel girting, and did not use the emergency brake lift control when the tug got into difficulties.

Says the MAIB synopsis:

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Accident Report: Saetta/Conger STS Collision “Cause for Concern

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Mar 262010

Top: Saetta Bottom: Conger

Britain’s MAIB says that while the accident record of ship-to-ship transfers remains good and mostly minor their frequency remains a cause of concern. The comment is made in MAIB’s report on the 10 August 2009 collision between the tankers Saetta and Conger, the third such incident in six weeks.

On 10 August 2009, the Greek registered tanker Saetta and the Marshall Islands’ registered tanker Conger collided when completing a ship to ship (STS) transfer operation off Southwold, Suffolk. Saetta’s starboard lifeboat and davit were damaged. Conger was undamaged and there were no injuries and no

The collision occurred at very slow speed, and resulted from the failure of Conger’s main engine to start as the vessels separated.

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Feb 222010


Fast Ann a 1980-built decommissioned and unmanned 1,740 tonne cargo vessel waiting to be dismantled, parted her moorings on an ebb tide in dense fog in the River Humber on 19 January 2010. Her radar echo was acquired and tracked by Humber Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), who made several unsuccessful attempts to establish communications with the unknown contact. A pilot vessel and two tugs were then tasked to investigate. One of the tugs managed to identify the vessel and made fast a tow line to her stern. Dense fog and a strong ebb tide of about 4 knots hindered the efforts of the tug, which could not prevent Fast Ann from making contact with the Immingham Oil Terminal structure.

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