Mad Rock Should Be Put Out Of Business

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Aug 042009

Mad Rock's solution to dangerous on-load release hooks

Not that MAC has anything against Mad Rock, an innovative company with a great product that certainly enhances the chances of surviving a lifeboat drill, or indeed those other companies making devices to be fitted or retrofitted to davit-launched lifeboats to overcome the problems caused by poorly-designed on-load release systems. Such devices should be as obsolete as buttonhooks, gramophone needle sharpeners and whalebone corsets.

Unfortunately they are not obsolete, after nearly two dozen years of systems designed to merely ‘comply’ with regulations and become dangerous when they fail. But are things looking up?

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Mad Rock and Oceanwide SaS Hook Up

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Mar 122009

Canada-based marine evacuation technologies firm Mad Rock has teamed up withlifeboat service organisation Oceanwide Safety at Sea of the Netherlands, which is moving into building hyperbaric lifeboats and sells rescue crafts, custom designed workboats and second hand lifeboats.Hyperbaric lifeboat

Hyperbaric lifeboats, HLBs, enable divers to evacuate from pressurized environments on board ships in an emergency. The HLB includes all ancillary equipment, including life?support systems giving independent survival for up to 72 hours.

Mad Rock has partnered with Oceanwide to install the RocLocMad Rock technician works on as lifeboat release hook 12 tonne on its hyperbaric new builds. Oceanwide SaS is also a trained service centre for Mad Rock hooks.

Dean Pelley, CEO and President of Mad Rock says “We are Our work together started with Oceanwide providing us with installation and service assistance. Now they have become a valued customer. It is a great way to build a strong partnership.”

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