So Long LORAN-C, At Least In The US

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Jan 122010

LORAN Station Malone, Malone, Florida Great Lakes chain (GRI 8970)/Southeast U.S. chain (GRI 7980)

If you’re able to navigate in North America with LORAN-C after 8 February 2010 you’ll have Canada and the Russian Federation to thank. After 52 years the US will lose Loran-C coverage as part of cost-cutting measures and electronic navigation will be limited to GPS, itself causing concern in some quarters, until the European Gallileo system come online, scheduled for 2014.

LORAN-C was originally developed to provide radio-navigation service for US coastal waters later expanded to include complete coverage of the continental US as well as most of Alaska. Twenty-four US LORAN-C stations work in partnership with Canadian and Russian stations to provide coverage in Canadian waters and in the Bering Sea.

Five stations will remain live to meet bilateral agreements with Canada and Russia.

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