Beware The Load Binder – It Might Bite Back!

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May 092008

Use the right tool for the job. Heard it before? Of course you have, and I’m sure this AB in this safety alert from Marine Safety Forum had heard it too:

An AB was securing an anchor buoy with a chain using a lever-type load binder. He had tensioned up the binder using a piece of pipe. He thought it was locked in position; however, when he released it the handle sprung back with force and struck him on the forehead just above his right eye. If the handle had hit him slightly lower down he could have lost the use of his eye.

  • Never use unofficial equipment such as, in this case, a piece of pipe. Use the correct cheater bar which is designed to fit the load binder.
  • Consider using ratchet-type load binders instead.
  • If a lever-type is used, two persons should work together.
  • Always work so that the lever will fly away from you or your colleague if your grip is lost or the handle is not locked.