Agencies Tackle Jireh Barge Spill

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Jul 132012

A Resolve Marine Group, Inc. diver wearing a hazardous material dive suit surveys a cargo compartment filled with oiled cargo aboard the 202-foot grounded freighter Jireh July 6, 2012 in Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Response contractors have removed approximately 4,050 gallons of diesel and oil water mixture since reponse efforts began June 21, 2012.

US Coast Guard, Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, DRNA, Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (EQB), and various other federal, state and local response personnel continue oil removal operations Tuesday aboard the grounded 202-foot freigher Jireh on the southern coast of Mona Island, Puerto Rico.

Resolve Marine Group Inc., the Oil Spill Removal Organization for the response, removed an additional 1,775 gallons of diesel fuel from previously inaccessible fuel tanks aboard the Jireh.

“We are making progress and ensuring that all the fuel is being properly removed from the Jireh without impacting the environment,” said Cmdr. David Berliner, Coast Guard Incident Commander for the Response.  “The barge needed to finalize oiled cargo removal and fuel offload operations is expected to arrive to Mona Island between Thursday and Friday.”

Since response operations began June 21, approximately 4,050 gallons of diesel fuel and oil water mixture have been removed from the grounded freighter.   Continue reading »