Kerloch Grounding: Thoughtful Skipper Slept

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Oct 052010

kerlochliferaftA skipper who elected to take the entire watch as his vessel returned to port because he thought his crew were tired, grounded the vessel after he fell asleep in the warm, unventilated wheelhouse and the watch alarm failed to wake him.

The incident, detailed in a report from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, has led to the publication of a flyer for the fishing industry

At 1725 on 20 February 2010, the Jersey-registered crabber Kerloch (J235) was returning to port when she ran aground on Crow Rock, off the Pembrokeshire coast. The vessel began to sink rapidly and all four crew donned their lifejackets, then deployed and got into the liferaft. The crew were recovered from their liferaft by another fishing vessel and subsequently transferred to the Angle ALB and then ashore. There were no injuries and no pollution.

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Sitting On A Drive Shaft Could Damage Your Tackle

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May 012009

Jersey Evening Post reports that a French fisherman was seriously injured and taken to Royal Bournemouth Hospital for treatment after being lifted from the engine room two floors below deck by firefighters and paramedics.

He had apparently been sitting on the driveshaft when the vessel began to move, causing severe injuries to his leg and severing a main artery.

The dangers of working on machinery made to rotate without ensuring that it doesn’t operate unexpectedly are wincingly clear.