Ireland Calls For Sea Change on Safety

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Jun 302014
Na Buachaillí after raising

132 ftalities since 2002m 43 of them were seafarers. Na Buachaillí after raising

Eire’s Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Leo Varadkar has called for a sea change in attitudes to maritime safety, as he launched a new consultation process on maritime safety: Sea Change – Building a new Maritime Safety Culture. Some 134  maritime fatalities have occurred since 2002, almost half  as a result of leisure activities on recreational craft. He was speaking at the launch of the consultation process in the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport which included stakeholders from shipping, fishing, leisure, passenger operators, maritime safety and many other sectors.

Varadkar says: “We all need to take a fresh look at how we use the waters in and around our island, and build a culture of maritime safety in our communities. This requires a radical change of culture in our attitude to safety.”

“The sea and any open water can be hostile and dangerous environments and demand total respect. By consulting with stakeholders and the general public, we want to reach a situation where there are no fatalities.” Continue reading »

Irish Fog Signals Signal Fog No More

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Jan 132011

No more the sound of a lonely horn, lowing its warning of danger

Like an unstylish shoe being shuffled off into that dread night whence no obsolescence returns, that haunting, audible icon of mystery and danger, the fog signal, is to be silenced. At least in Irish coastal waters.

As a final insult to a fine tradition most will be struck dumb from a control room in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin, at the touch of a computer mouse, itself a symbol of the very technology that has NRB’d these workhorses of maritime safety.

True, a couple or three, at Fastneck, Old Head and Dundalk, will continue for a while, like the last of an endangered species wailing for a mate who can no longer hear. But the executioner’s boat will one day come to silence them.

Flanders and Swann, where are you now that a sad farewell begs to be sung?

Here is the death notice from the Commissioners of Irish Lights: Continue reading »

MCIB: MOB Mystery, Wasn’t Wearing Lifejacket

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Sep 242010

Victim's position

Marijus Rudakov fell overboard from the FV Alma Amy and drowned. He was not wearing a life jacket.

Just another one of those sad tiny tragedies doom themselves to a watery death and their families to grief by not wearing a lifejacket.

Ireland’s Maritime Casualty Investigation Board points out in its report “It is a statutory obligation for fishermen whilst on the deck of a fishing vessel to wear suitable lifejackets”.

Wearing a lifejacket is arguably also a fisherman’s obligation to his family.

Why Mr. Rudakov fell overboard is unknown. He can’t tell because he wasn’t wearing a lifejacket.

The harrowing attempts to save Mr. Rudakov are outlined in the MCIB report:

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Sep 122010

Abuse of Irish trawlers?

A complaint to Ireland’s Broadcasting Commission over an Irish television series called “Skippers” has exposed deeply-ingrained abuse and illegalities in the country’s trawler fishing industry that would have brought shame even in the pre-industrial era.

MAC’s UK Correspondent William Redmond investigates

The complainant is the International Transport Federation who believe that RTE, Ireland’s national television and radio broadcaster, showed an indulgence to the Irish fishing industry in stark contrast to what is happening in Britain. It goes further by saying: “We believe that the block on cleaning up this appalling situation is at the political level and reflects the power of the fishing industry in Ireland, as indeed does the sycophantic documentary broadcast by RTE.”

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Eire Eyes PSC

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Jun 292010

image Recently criticised by the European Union, Ireland is stiffening its port state control regime. An announcement by its Department of Transport says:

“The port State control regime in Ireland is part of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MOU), and its requirements are transposed into EU legislation through Directive 95/21/EC, which is further transposed into Irish law. There are two obligatory reporting requirements under this port State control regime for ships entering Irish ports as follows:

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EU: Ireland May Endanger Maritime Safety

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Jun 042010

imageEire’s failure to comply with the EU directive on port state control “may endanger maritime safety with the risks this implies for the environment” says the European Transport Commission.

In a strongly-worded statement the EU says: “The European Commission has sent today a reasoned opinion to the Irish authorities for failing to properly implement the EU directive on port state control. This directive is a core instrument in the field of maritime safety, aimed at fighting substandard shipping in the European Union. The Republic of Ireland is required to comply with the request within two months, failing which the case may go before the European Court of Justice”.

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