ICS Wants Certs By Year’s End

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Dec 232012
Hinchcliffe: “The issues are complex”

Hinchcliffe: “The issues are complex”

With just a few days left before 2012 is sent on its way into the history books the International Chamber of Shipping, ICS, has called on European Union maritime administrations to ensure that they are ready to issue passenger ships with the required insurance certificates to comply with the EU Passenger Liability Regulation, PLR. Otherwise, warns the chamber, cruise ships and passenger ferries, including non-EU vessels, may be unable to trade within EU waters.

Insurance certificates are required to be released by 31 December.

ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe says: “In close co-operation with the International Group of P&I Clubs, passenger ship operators have gone to great lengths to ensure that they can meet the new insurance requirements, including the need to obtain cover for terrorism and war risks.  It is now essential that EU Member States are ready to issue the required certificates and do this using a common approach.”

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International P&I Issues Calcium Hypochlorite Warning

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May 282011

Watch what it says on the tin. Photo: The Swedish Club

Several cargo fires have apparently been caused by self-ignition of Calcium Hypochlorite, a powerful oxidising agent, including Hanjin Pennsylvania, CMA Djakarta, DG Harmony, Sea Elegance and last year’s Charlotte Maersk incident. Now the International Group of P&I Clubs has issued a Frequency Asked Questions, FAQ, on the chemical through its members.

Says Det Norsk Veritas: “Container fires have received a lot of press coverage in recent years. Huge fires have caused big ships to be abandoned and lost, such as the Hanjin Pennsylvania in November 2002, and the Hyundai Fortune in 2006. The fires are often associated with problem cargoes like calcium hypochlorite, an oxidizing agent that will self ignite under given conditions. Extinguishing such fires can be a real problem as oxygen is released by the substance when burning, making the fire self sustaining”. Continue reading »

Venezuela Drugs: IG Warns On Anti-Seafarer Courts

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Dec 202010

imageThe International Group says that it: “supports efforts by all countries to prevent vessels being used to smuggle illegal narcotics. However, the International Group has become increasingly concerned with what appears to be the indiscriminate and disproportionate application of criminal law in Venezuela in cases where vessels have been targeted by drug smugglers for the carriage of illegal narcotics.

“New legislation to regulate the investigation and potential prosecution of shipowners and crews in such circumstances recently entered into force on 21 October 2010.   The “Organic Drugs Law” (“ODL”), repealed earlier laws and appears to increase the evidential burden and potential penalties imposed on shipowners and their crews.

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