How to monitor coal cargoes from Indonesia

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Jun 142011

self-heating coal aboard the USS Maine in 1898 led to today's Philippine manning industry.

Self-igniting coal has changed the course of history and the demographics of the maritime industry. It led to the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbour in 1898, the Spanish-American War, America’s colonisation of the Philippines in its first, and nasty, war in Asia, and indirectly led to today’s Philippines manning industry. Coal remains a problem aboard ship, as the UK P&I Club reminds us in a newly-released checklist for monitoring coal cargo from Indonesia.


Self-heating incidents involving coal cargoes have been problematic for centuries. It was a much-feared hazard in the days of wooden sailing ships, and has continued on since the advent of modern steamships.

The problems associated with carrying coal by sea are today much better understood, says Karl Lumbers, a Director of Thomas Miller P&I Ltd,

“When coal cargo oxidises, it spontaneously generates heat and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.  This can lead to flammable atmospheres in the hold, depletion of oxygen in those spaces and corrosion of metal structures.  Lower quality coals such as lignite are more prone to this process than higher quality coals such as anthracite.

“Understanding the quality of coal being shipped and how to monitor it is fundamental to reducing the risk of self-heating, and possibly the outbreak of fire.” Continue reading »

Piracy: Tug Bunker Was Nobody’s Fuel

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Oct 292010

image ReCAAP has issued a report on theft of MGO fuel from the Singapore-registered tug Surya Putra 5 on 24 October. Piracy against tugs appears to have risen significantly in the area over the past year.

Surya Putra 5 was underway approximately 8 nm east of Selat Berhala, Indonesia (1° 01.4′ S, 104°
29.40’ E) when two boats with 11 robbers armed with knives and parangs came alongside.

The robbers demanded Marine Gas Oil (MGO) from the crew and threatened them when they expressed reluctance to give in as they may not have enough fuel left to reach their destination Palembang, Indonesia. Later, the robbers prevailed and escaped in their boats taking with them three drums of MGO. The crew was not injured. No personal belonging of the crew was stolen.

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Pirates Board Tanker Off Indonesia

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Oct 162010

Eagle Corona

ReCAAP ISC, the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Sharing Centre has issued the following alert regarding the board of the AET operated crude oil tanker Eagle Corona:

On 15 Oct 10 at or about 0250 hrs, a Singapore-registered crude oil tanker, Eagle Corona was underway approximately 26 nm south of Pulau Karimata, Indonesia (2° 06.17′ S, 108° 45.6′ E) when the master heard knocking on his cabin door. The knocking became louder and somebody was trying to break into his cabin. When he opened the door, he discovered three of his crew were tied up and six robbers armed with long knives were in the alleyway. Continue reading »

Montara Spill Latest

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Oct 212009

imageAustralia’s ATSB has issue an update on the Montara oil spill:

The majority of oil remains within the vicinity of the platform with light patchy sheen observed to about 60  kilometres East of the platform. Light patchy sheen has been sighted to within 160 kilometres of the Western Australian coast and 120 kilometres from the Indonesian coast. There have been no sightings of thicker oil closer to shorelines and still weather conditions and calm seas have meant the movement of sheen has been minimal over the past several weeks.

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Aug 312009

NOAA worker falls overboard under Skyway, critically injured
Tampa Tribune
The incident occurred at 11:15 am as a crewman aboard a 28-foot NOAA vessel was doing maintenance work on equipment that was on top of a cluster of pilings

Ships collide near Haldia port
Times of India
Even as it was negotiating the shallow waters of Jellingham, it rammed into the 120-ft-long Dredge 16, a Dredging Corporation of India vessel.

Death toll reaches 21 in S. Kalimantan boat accident
Jakarta Post
The Search and Rescue Team has found two more bodies of passenger ship KM Sari Mulia, increasing its death toll to 21 as of Monday afternoon.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 31 August 2009

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Aug 302009

Boat sinks in Indonesia, ’19 dead, 20 missing’
JAKARTA — An “overloaded” cargo vessel sank on a river on Borneo island on Sunday, killing 19 people with 20 still missing, an official said.

Oil tanker fire in Brisbane
About 12.30am, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service was called to the Australian-registered ship Palmerston’ when the fire broke out.

Sinking ship triggers alert
Ipswich Evening Star – Ipswich,England,UK
A MAJOR collision between two ships in Dutch waters has been the focusing the attention of coastguards in East Anglia today.

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